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This vibrant and elegant Chardonnay is gently oaked with French oak staves. It reveals lilting peach blossom and pear-drop aromas, with fresh apple and citrus notes and lingering buttery tones on the aftertaste. There are also spicy and woody notes, mainly oak, due to the barrel that is fermented in. This dry white wine is very easy to drink.


This is a beautiful, complex wine with an intense concentration of fruit, with red berry flavours and a lingering finish. Light-coloured, slightly eathy nose, easy glugging. This red blend consists of 60% Cabernet Sauvignon and 40% Merlot, to make it smooth.


An elegant, full-bodied natural sweet wine with a luminous, deep rose petal colour and a satiny texture. It reveals ripe red berries, tropical fruit and candy flavours, with a succulent palate of raspberry whiffs. The pleasant muscat aroma carries through to an aftertaste that lingers on after a memorable mouthful.

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Finding the best flavor combinations and making them available for you to enjoy is the reason I have founded Nozipho Wines. I love them and hope that you will love our amazing wines also.

Wine delivered to your door!

Delicious wines have been produced in South Africa for hundreds of years. The Dutch governors of Cape Colony planted  our first vineyards in the 17th century. Now, with the convenience of modern technology, you can have this wonderful treasure delivered to your door.

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